*NEW NEW NEW* Wholesale Lip Scrubs Available!
*NEW NEW NEW* Wholesale Lip Scrubs Available!
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Why Use Avocado Butter?

Avocado Butter Butter

We all know that avocado is trendy. We've seen avocado everywhere these days and I mean EVERYWHERE. We see it on toasts, in body care products heck, even in cake frosting! You might be sick of seeing avocado everywhere BUT, there is a very good reason as to why it is everywhere. Avocado is basically a magical fruit. Let us convert you to the dark side (really the brighter side). 

If you're already an avocado lover, let us introduce you to Avocado Butter oh my goodness, it is amazing. If you're not an avocado lover because you hate the taste of it, well lucky you, you won't have to eat this butter - in fact you should NOT eat it. This avocado butter is to be applied not to be eaten. 


Avocado butter is soft, smooth, and spreadable. It is made from the wonder fruit: avocado. It melts beautifully when comes into contact with skin. It also has a shelf life of 3 years give or take, making it a great natural butter option to add to beauty and skincare products such as body butters and lip balms. Kakami uses avocado butter in our all-natural lip gloss base. The consistency of our lip gloss base was formulated to perfection. It is moisturizing without being sticky making it the perfect lip gloss base with lots of vitamins and nutrients. 


  • Natural 
  • Contains the antioxidant vitamins A,E and D 
  • Contains natural sunscreen 


It is always better to go the natural route when it comes to lips and skincare.There is no harmful synthetic ingredients or chemicals. 

Contains Vitamins A,E and D

Avocado butter contains vitamins A,E, and D that contribute to the health of your skin and hair. It is ideal for making body butter. It can also be used in soaps, lotions, lip balm, lip gloss, bath bombs, hair pomades and more.

Contains Natural Sunscreen 

Avocado butter makes a great natural sunscreen due to its natural resistance against ultraviolet rays. Making avocado butter a great choice in lip and skincare. 

How to Store It? 

Store in an air-tight container away from light and moisture preferably below 25 degree Celsius. Avocado butter becomes liquid at around 36 degree Celsius. Melting it and re-solidify it by cooling will not affect its functionality.